What are Zanyologists?

Zanyologists are FUN Therapeutic Clowns. We visit kiddos and adults in hospitals, hospices, homes, etc...

Our motto is "We Help Sick Kiddo's (and adults!) Feel Better Faster!"

Visits to hospitals and hospices in the DFW area Metroplex are free, based on our available schedule.

Visits to homes are very reasonably priced. Specific details are discussed once we know a bit more about your situation.

Some of the things we can offer (based on the setting and the condition of your child and your desires) include;

1. An age appropriate magic "show"!

2. GREAT balloon creations.

3. Wonderful face painting!

Some non-negotiable rules for home visits are;

1. The parent, age 21 or over, MUST be present with us and their child 110% of the time. We are not alone with your child for even 1 second.

2. The parent must sign a consent form upon our arrival giving us permission to visit their child and stating that they will remain in the room 100% of the time.

3. If balloons are requested, the parent must sign a form stating that they, their child, other occupants of the home are NOT allergic to latex.

4. The parents MUST allow us to take a picture of their CURRENT  and VALID state issued drivers license upon our arrival.

As a parent, I know this all sounds pretty stiff and sterile. I'm sorry. It's just that all of us have watched far too many cop shows, news stories and movies and we know how even the least little innocent thing can appear totally unacceptable. We are serious about protecting you, your child and our Zanyologists.

Your child will really enjoy the visit! I guarantee it.

Please watch our video to better understand our passion for helping kiddos.



Topper the Magic Clown

Boss Clown of the Zanyologists


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