Comments from Parents

These are quotes from parents we interviewed on our video for our Indiegogo project. You can see the entire video at this link:
"It was amazing!"
"There were clowns that came by & visited with my child. It was a happy feeling. It was like being at home."
"It was a very good experience and I really, really loved it."
"My baby was just very happy!"
"A smile a clown can bring is SO important."
"When procedures, like blood draws happen, the power of distraction can take the pain away, it's so very important."
"Clowns are very positive in the hospital setting"
"ER's have long wait times. Clowns help!"
"Things my family and I have encountered over the last 4 months have really tested our faith in God, but yet we meet a man like Carl and he brings indescribable joy to all of our kids faces and even to Mom and Dad. I'd love to share Carl with the world because he really does mean that much. I hope you can touch thousands of lives like you have my boys.

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